AlWaha American School is committed to ensuring that every student is a lifelong

learner, responsible citizen and thoughtful participant in our school community. Every

teacher, administrator, parent and any other adult involved in the lives of our students

shares in the responsibility to ensure that all students meet the academic requirements

established in AlWaha American School.

Initial Student Academic Assessment

AlWaha American School administers entrance exams in English and Math to all

students entering AlWaha American School (see Admissions Policy). The results of

those tests are kept in the student’s records. After the student is admitted, he is

mainstreamed into regular classes in all subjects for an initial period to see his

proficiency level. For students who prove to be weak in any of the three languages

(English, French or Arabic) or Math, their proficiency level is determined through a

follow-up assessment, after which they are placed in a Remedial class for whichever

subject is indicated. The student will remain in the Remedial class for the entire time

of the marking period (quarter), after which he will be assessed again to see

if he can be mainstreamed into the regular classes for that subject.

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