Dear Students

1. Welcome to Al Waha Language and American School academic year.

2. Our main targets are to create a happy, healthy and stimulating.

3. encourage positive attitudes towards learning to develop the ability to information

through critical thinking and collaborative learning.

4. To enhance our performance we need your utmost cooperation and support for our new policy.

5. On behalf of the teaching and administrative staff, we are looking forward to

a mutual beneficial relationship that will generate academic and personal growth for our students .

6. Your cooperation with the school will be more beneficial if you are aware of the school vision .

Intramural and After-School Activities

•The Elementary and Middle Division provides intramural activities for its students during the school day so as not to interfere with busing services. Students will receive information at the beginning of the school year announcing the different intramural activities offered. Occasionally, the school will offer after-school activities for the students, and if the student opts to stay for an after-school activity, a permission slip must be signed and the parent and/or guardian must provide transportation.

•The High School Division provides a variety of after-school activities for students. A list of all the activities provided is put up and a sign up sheet is provided for all students. All students are made aware that all responsibility for transportation after the activity is theirs. In order to be allowed to participate in any after-school activity, a permission slip must be signed by the parent / guardian and given to Administration prior to the start of the activity.

•Student Government is a teacher-supervised activity and is run by elected students for the benefit of the whole student body. School-wide elections are held at the beginning of the school year

•Eligibility Status: All students must maintain a 1.8 or above GPA to be able to participate in all non-academic school activities. Failure to maintain the required GPA will result in a meeting with the Administration (see Promotion and Retention for School Organization) and possible exemption from all non –academic activities.

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