Dear Parents

You give attention to your children’s behavior at home and we do at school

thus , we seek your help to ensure that the students will abide by the following :

1. Arriving at school on time ( at 7.45 a . m )

2. Wearing the school uniform is a must ( the sport uniform of P.E days only ) .

3. Order and discipline are required when going up and down the stairs and during break

4. Not leaving the class during the lesson unless necessary.

5. Attending the line after the break is a must .

6. Misbehaving with classmates in not allowed .

7. Jeweler , nail polish , hair gel , and cell phones are forbidden at school .

8. Walking around the corridors before line or during the break is not allowed .

9. Students shouldn’t be absent from school without an acceptable reason . If absent during the monthly exam , a doctor’s report is required .

10. The monthly reports must be returned immediately to the class teacher after being signed by the parent .

11. There will be a monthly parent’s meeting at 12.00 pm on the Thursday after receiving the report .

• Please make sure your child is ready to be picked up in the morning at the assigned time . the bus occasionally may be a few minutes late depending on the morning traffic ondition , but you must be waiting at the given location at the given time .

• If the bus arrives at your address earlier than the assigned time , it will wait until the time given to you but will not wait beyond it .

• Students are not allowed to stand while the bus is moving .

• Do not throw things out of the bus window .

• Respect and obey the bus supervisor and the driver .

• Keep the bus clean .

• Vandalism is not permitted , parent will be billed for any damage done by their children

If you have any questions about your child’s prioress or about the method of teaching , you may send questions or comments with your child . please put the name of the person who should receive the message on the outside of the envelope and place it in your child’s backpack .
You will receive the response at the same day

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